FM WhatsApp APK v9.52

FM WhatsApp APK v9.52

FM WhatsApp APK: An In-Depth Overview of Ultimate WhatsApp Adjustification In this era, where WhatsApp's standard feature set falls short for many users, FM WhatsApp APK emerges as the perfect solutio

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FM WhatsApp APK: An In-Depth Overview of Ultimate WhatsApp Adjustification 

In this era, where WhatsApp’s standard feature set falls short for many users, FM WhatsApp APK emerges as the perfect solution. As a adjusted version of WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp caters to the demands and preferences of users worldwide.

Explore this comprehensive overview of FM WhatsApp APK, delving into its functionalities, unique offerings and hassle-free installation process. With a user base exceeding 15 million globally, FMWhatsApp stands out for its unparalleled customization options and advanced privacy features. Discover the freedom to personalize your WhatsApp experience and embrace world of exciting features not found in the official version. Upgrade to FMWhatsApp today and revolutionize your messaging game like never before.

Features that Redefine Messaging: Unlock the Full Potential of FM WhatsApp APK

Expanding Your Reach: Connect with a Larger Audience

Overcome the 256-contact limit on official WhatsApp and effortlessly connect with a larger audience. Ideal for businesses and mass communication. Maintain Privacy with FMWhatsApp by hiding your online status and freezing your last seen time. Stay connected while keeping your presence discreet and enjoy enhanced privacy control.

 Maximize Availability and Fun with FM WhatsApp APK

View deleted messages and statuses, share infinite no of images, and stay informed. Showcase your availability 24/7 with the “Always Online” feature. Engage in fun conversations using the voice changer, adding entertaining effects to your audio messages.

Never Miss a Moment and Share Freely with FMWhatsApp

View deleted messages and statuses with this APK, staying informed and keeping conversations going continious . Say goodbye to image sharing limits as FM WhatsApp allows you to share as many images as you want ensuring seamless and continious sharing.

Download Statuses: Save Your Favorite Moments

With FM WhatsApp APK, you gain the ability to download statuses posted by other users. If you come across a status you wish to save, simply open it and tap the download button in the bottom right corner. Enjoy the convenience of preserving those special moments shared by your contacts.

Message Scheduler: Time Your Messages Perfectly

Plan your messages in advance with FMWhatsApp’s Message Scheduler feature. Set the message, date, time, and contact and FM WhatsApp APK will automatically send the message to the designated contacts at the specified time. Stay organized and never miss an important message again.

60+ Font Styles: FM WhatsApp APK

Break away from monotonous fonts with FM WhatsApp APK’s extensive collection of over 60 font styles. Add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your messages by choosing from a wide range of font options.

Lock and Hide Chat: Ensure Privacy and Confidentiality

Protect your private conversations with FM WhatsApp’s chat lock feature. Set a password, fingerprint, or PIN to secure your chats from prying eyes. Additionally, you can hide specific chats, preventing them from appearing in search results and contact lists, further safeguarding your privacy.

Hide Contact Name: Keep Your Conversations Discreet

Prevent others from snooping on your conversations by hiding contact names from the chat interface. FMWhatsApp allows you to remove names from the top bar, leaving them blank. Maintain a discreet and private messaging experience.

Streamline Your WhatsApp Hiding Activity and Reading Messages

Effortlessly identify online contacts with FMWhatsApp’s green dot on the home screen. Take control of your online presence through customizable privacy settings, hiding activity and reading messages discreetly. Stay notified about special contacts with the contact toast feature.

Blue Tick After Your Answer: Respond with Confidence

Eliminate the worry of hiding a blue tick when replying to a message. Enable this feature in FMWhatsApp, and your friends will see a blue tick right after you reply ensuring that your response is acknowledged promptly and accurately.

Thousands of Themes: Transform Your Messaging Experience

Elevate your messaging experience with FMWhatsApp’s vast collection of over 4000 themes. Say goodbye to the same old dark and light themes and embrace a fresh look every day. Choose from a wide array of themes, including abstract, animals, airplanes, anime, Venom, Vincent, The Walking Dead, and more.

Incoming Call Settings: Control Your Call Experience

Enjoy enhanced control over your incoming calls with FMWhatsApp’s advanced settings. Unlike the official WhatsApp, which only offers a notification tone for incoming calls, FM WhatsApp provides additional settings to restrict unwanted calls. Customize your call experience according to your preferences.

Get Pros and Cons FM WhatsApp APK


  • Expanded contact broadcasting to up to 1024 contacts, ideal for businesses and mass communication.
  • Ability to hide online status and freeze last seen time for enhanced privacy control.
  • Entertaining voice changer feature for fun conversations with captivating effects.
  • Download statuses and save favorite moments shared by others.


  • FMWhatsApp is a adjusted version of WhatsApp, which may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service and result in potential account restrictions.
  • As a third-party app, FMWhatsApp may have security risks and is not endorsed or supported by WhatsApp.
  • Regular updates may be required to ensure compatibility and functionality with the latest WhatsApp version.


FMWhatsApp APK offers a comprehensive set of features and customization options that surpass the limitations of the standard WhatsApp. With expanded contact broadcasting, enhanced privacy control, entertaining voice changer and the ability to download statuses, FMWhatsApp revolutionizes messaging. However, it’s important to note that FMWhatsApp is a modified version, potentially violating terms of service and presenting security risks. Regular updates and caution during installation are necessary. Upgrade to FMWhatsApp to personalize your WhatsApp experience but ensure you understand the pros and cons before proceeding.

How to Download FMWhatsApp APK

To download on your Android device follow these steps:

Open a web browser on your Android device
Go to Play Store or APKMODLIVE.COM
Click Download button and your app is ready.

FAQs about FM WhatsApp APK

  • What is FM WhatsApp APK?

    FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers additional features, customization options and enhanced privacy settings.

  • Does FM WhatsApp APK provide advanced privacy options?

    Yes, FM WhatsApp APK offers features like hiding online status, freezing last seen time and chat lock for enhanced privacy control.

  • Can I download statuses from other users with FM WhatsApp APK?

    Yes, FM WhatsApp APK allows users to download statuses posted by other contacts, saving their favorite moments.

  • Is FM WhatsApp APK officially supported by WhatsApp?

    No, FM WhatsApp APK is a third party modified version and may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, leading to potential account restrictions.

  • Can I connect with more than 256 contacts using FM WhatsApp APK?

    Yes, FM WhatsApp APK allows users to connect with a larger audience beyond the 256-contact limit of the official WhatsApp.

Download (56MB)

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